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Programs Of Epona Horse Rescue

Epona Horse Rescue is filled with many programs both helping the residents of Epona Horse Rescue and as a way for us to reach out and make a difference in the community. 

Champ's Haven

Epona's Program, Champ's Haven, is our program for Blind, Disabled and Senior horses that need sanctuary. It is dedicated to Champ, the starved horse in which help arrived too late for.  


Click here to donate to our Champ's Haven Program

Bridges of Hope

Epona's Program, Bridges of Hope, is our program for individuals who are diagnosed with cancer and can no longer afford the care of their horses. After the individual is able to return home and return to taking care of their horses, they will be returned home. 


Click here to donate to our Bridges of Hope Program

Volunteer Program

Epona's Volunteer Program is a way for individuals to connect with the horses at Epona Horse Rescue. It allows individuals to care for the horses in many ways and in doing so, the horses and the individual are able to grow, learn more about the horse and give back to the community. 

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