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Epona Horse Rescue is located just outside Crete, Nebraska.

We are located on roughly 10 acres of pasture land, with a 4 stall barn and plans to add an additional barn soon. 


Epona Horse Rescue is an organization based on the premise that all equine and other animals should live freely from cruelty, neglect and abuse.  Many horses simply end up in a rescue situation due to lack of training or being too young or too old to be of use to mankind. Epona is dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of unbroken or unhandled horses and to the very young and the aged equine that are often rejected.

We strive to educate the public on the fate of many of America's horses and ask for the support of the American public. Money is always a pressing need in the rescue. Feed, hay, shelter and veterinary care are the largest of expenses. We also need farrier care, office support and volunteers to continue the work. 

Your support can help the rescue continue to rescue and rehabilitate these wonderful animals. 

We are a non-profit organization under the IRS 501 (c)(3) regulations. 

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