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You can be a part of the rescue effort and make a difference in the life of a horse! 


With this simple program, we ask that you donate $5, $10, $15 (you choose the amount to fit into your budget) per month for one year. 

Epona Horse Rescue is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit. All funds donated are tax deductible and go for the care of the horses. 

Many of the horses that are taken in by a rescue never leave. There are many factors that contribute to this - age, past abuse making them unsafe to adopt, temperament, lack of training that requires longer term care and simply retirement of the horse. 


The cost of caring for these noble animals is great. All rescues depend on the community for support and funding.  A common misconception is that the government gives free funding to all rescues. This is not true.


We work for grants, we seek private donations and strive to educate America on the fate of the horse. We cannot continue to do this without you, the public.

"Without "U", There is no Rescue."


You can change a Horse's life! 


If 100 people commit to $5 per month for one year, this will allow three horses per month to be gelded, saving future lives.

If 100 people commit to $10 per month for one year, this will provide the funds to rehabilitate the unhandled horse.

If 100 people commit to $15 per month for one year, all the hay and grain is bought.

Another 100 committing to $25 per month for one year, emergency medical and farrier costs are covered.

The simple commitment to basically donate pocket change can change a horse's life forever.

Help us help America's horses and rescues.



Give Five Keep Them Alive!

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